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Sales companies strengthen business knowledge training
Time:2019-11-18   Read:344second  

On November 16, in the No.1 conference room of the company, the sales system conducted video training on how to "become the attitude and quality of influential sales personnel". All personnel of fertilizer sales company, new product sales company and Yijing international trade company participated in the training. Sun Kaixuan, manager of fertilizer sales company, presided over the training.
   this video training focuses on sharing the attitude, quality, belief and principle possessed by the sales staff, helping the sales staff to straighten their mind, improve their passion, and achieve the sales goal with confidence and excellence.

After the meeting, sun Kaixuan randomly selected several business personnel to express his learning experience. He stressed that business personnel should cater to the current development ideas of the company, do a good job in the sales of all products of the company, and further build a standardized marketing service system, strengthen self-learning and mutual learning.


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