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Fuyang investigation team of National Bureau of statistics visited the company for investigation
Time:2019-11-23   Read:455second  

On November 21, Zhang Longbin, deputy chief of comprehensive section of Fuyang investigation team of National Bureau of statistics, accompanied by the leader of Yingdong District Bureau of statistics, went to Haoyuan company to carry out a special investigation on the price changes of chemical fertilizer products. Wei Jinqiang, manager of fertilizer new product sales company, and Zhang Wen, director of audit department accompanied the investigation.

During the discussion, Wei Jinqiang gave a brief report to the investigation team on the production capacity, sales market area and price change of urea and compound fertilizer production units of the company. He said that since this year, due to the global economic situation and the impact of safety and environmental protection, the operating rate of small and medium-sized enterprises in the downstream production of industrial urea has been insufficient. In addition, due to the impact of this year's drought, the overall demand for agricultural urea in some mainstream sales areas of our company is also declining, and the urea price is greatly affected by the market shock.

Wei Jinqiang introduced the company's new urea product vehicle urea to the investigation team. With the increasing efforts of the state to improve environmental protection, the requirements for automobile exhaust emissions are also higher and higher. On the basis of traditional agricultural urea and industrial urea, automobile urea is used in diesel engines to reduce the liquid nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel exhaust. As a kind of green environmental protection product, urea for automobile is going to the market. It has enriched the product structure, strengthened the ability of Haoyuan company to resist market risks and injected new vitality into the company's development.

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Zhang Wen reported to the investigation team that the company enjoyed the support of national tax policy, and hoped that the government could increase the policy support to the enterprise, optimize the sales market environment, and help the enterprise to face the current difficult market environment.

Zhang Longbin said that the investigation team of the National Bureau of statistics will continue to serve the enterprises well, report the current situation of the enterprises and the problems existing in the current production and operation to the superior departments, and discuss and study.


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